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WELCOME TO THE FPA 2021-2022 SEASON (37th)


FPA Leagues
due Sat 23 Oct


FPA Leagues

What is FPA?
The FPA is a collection of amateur football fans forecasting or 'predicting' games from English Premier League, English Championship, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa league, English FA Cup, English League Cup and a team local to where the FPA began, Gillingham FC, in Kent, England (English League One).

It began with one league for a trial period in 1979-1980, before any predicting or 'tipping' leagues existed, to our knowledge. So it is possibly the oldest and longest running football predictions competition in Britain, and possibly the world.

Over the years it has developed into four main leagues - three domestic and one UEFA; four cup competitions; and the inclusion of professional forecasters from the world of newspaper pools tipsters and TV football pundits. Since its start, many have tried to win the predictions leagues and cups, with the best part of one hundred having taken part at one time or another.

When we started back then there was no Internet; now, everyone it seems is an online tipster. You can get online predictions from football betting sites, join predictions competitions for money or just for fun, and use 'Tipping' forecasts or software promising to win you much on football betting. But apart from the fact we at FPA have been doing it longer than anyone else, year in year out our best have been better than all the rest. We consistently beat the professional newspaper pundits; we have beaten prediction software; online tipsters; and the BBC's own expert Mark 'Lawro' Lawrensen. Why? We don't have a magic formula, but we do know and love football - and we know how to predict successfully.

We may be able to provide a predictions service from our best predictors of English Premier League, English domestic cups and UEFA Champions and Europa League games. This is something we are looking into. Please see the Contact page.

For a full history, see HISTORY.
For past seasons' records, see RECORDS.

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Calendar for remainder of season (week num)
Tue 19-Oct33ESL w3 & EC Game 3
Sat 23-Oct99
Tue 26-Oct3SF
Sat 30-Oct1010
Tue 02-Nov44ESL w4 & EC QF
Sat 06-Nov1111
Sat 20-Nov1212
Tue 23-Nov55ESL w5 & EC SF
Sat 27-Nov1313
Tue 30-Nov14
Sat 04-Dec1514
Tue 07-Dec66ESL w6 & EC Final
Sat 11-Dec16
Tue 14-Dec174Final
Sat 18-Dec1815
Tue 28-Dec191
Sat 01-Jan2016
Sat 08-Jan2
Sat 15-Jan21171
Sat 22-Jan22182
Sat 05-Feb3
Tue 08-Feb23
Sat 12-Feb24193
Tue 15-Feb7
Sat 19-Feb25204
Wed 23-Feb8
Sat 26-Feb26215
Wed 02-Mar4QF
Sat 05-Mar27226QF
Tue 08-Mar9
Sat 12-Mar2823
Tue 15-Mar10
Sat 19-Mar295SF
Sat 02-Apr30247SF
Tue 05-Apr11
Sat 09-Apr3125
Tue 12-Apr12
Sat 16-Apr326Final
Sat 23-Apr33268Final
Tue 26-Apr13
Sat 30-Apr3427
Tue 03-May14
Sat 07-May3528
Wed 11-May15
Sun 15-May3629
Wed 18-May16Last week
Sun 22-May3730Final Final

Current Standings for amateurs
Joyce Phillips Standard League
Highest exact scoresExact scoresGamesRate
Matthew Starling14856.07
Results League
Highest %ResultsGames%
Daniel Grunwell840
Matthew Starling840
Khalid Mowad840
Misha Konfektov 830
Jason Blackford840
Mark Crossley840
Elliott Grunwell840
Will Hughes840
Rob Salter750
Mark Grunwell840
Glen Grunwell 840
Mike Phillips840
Matt Willing840
Foot Stats830
Alan Foster840
Fiona Grunwell840
Tope Bammeke 830
Jacob Knight840
Sami Almudaris830
Ian Milligan840
Predict Z840
Mark Lewis600
Will Rajan730
Khalid Aldhamen720
The Sun280
Homes Predicted / Correct [RL]
Highest correctPredictedCorrect%
Mark Lewis291862
Aways Predicted / Correct [RL]
Highest correctPredictedCorrect%
Alan Foster221464
Draws Predicted / Correct [RL]
Highest correctPredictedCorrect%
Daniel Grunwell12867

Any score for Overall, Homes and Aways (1-2-X) over 50% means of course we are getting more than 1 in every 2 predictions correct. For Draws, anything above 33.33% means of course we are getting more than 1 in every 3 predictions correct. These are 'bench mark' success rates to aim for and are indicators as to how well a predictor is performing, especially the Professional tipsters who are getting paid for it.
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